christmas snow.

I wrote in a previous post that something that occurs all too often isn’t special. I was referring to snow in Georgia specifically. Well, today wasn’t so much the exception to this rule, and it might have even strengthened my point. Even though I wrote that all would be well if it were to snow on Christmas Eve, all is still right in the world. You see, today marked the first day in over 100 years that it has snowed in this part of Georgia on Christmas Day. One web site even puts the odds of snow on Christmas in Georgia as “slim to none.”

I can fully attest to this. In my days in Georgia (my entire life) I have never witnessed snow on Christmas. I have never, until today, had a white Christmas. In my previous post I said that I certainly welcome Christmas snow. While I knew I would love to have a white Christmas, I had no idea until today just how happy I would be at finally experiencing it.

So, as I write this post, while drinking a nice warm cup of coffee, I am thankful for a first in my life: a white Christmas. And, since I’ve no place to go, let it continue to snow. Merry Christmas!

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