new year’s resolutions.

With the new year just around the corner, I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and publicize 5 of my resolutions for the coming year. I figure that if nothing more, this will serve as fodder for me to blog about in the year to come. I’ve decided to only document 5 of my goals. I certainly have more, but I figure these are the most appropriate for this forum. So, without any further adieu, my 2011 new year’s Resolutions:

1. Weight Loss of 1-2 pounds a week.
Ideally I want to lose 90 pounds. But, I have found that specific weight loss goals are limiting. While I have a specific number in mind, I am really aiming for the health and physical benefits I wish to receive. Specifically, I have mild hypertension which should go away with significant weight loss. I also suffer frequent heartburn. I am told weight loss will also help here as well. I am aiming for more of a pant-size goal than ideal weight. So, while I currently hover around a 40″ (oh the horror!, I hoping that by this time next year I will be a 32″ or so.

This one merely involves me sticking to my study plan and doing well on the exam. I am to begin my study plan around the 2nd or 3rd week of January and will be taking the MCAT on April 29th. Hopefully things will fare better for me this time around.

3. Save $500
I know this might not be a lot of money for many, but this number represents a great deal of cash for me right now. Not so much a great sum of cash, but having $500 and not spending it. I have around $50 right now and hope to have the $500 by the end of the summer, if not before.

4. Get accepted into graduate school/have a better plan on what to do for the foreseeable rest of my life
At first glance the second part of this might seem to contradict my second resolution. However, it’s not so much a part of indecisiveness, but rather I want to actually formulate a set goal and a plan. And by set goal I do not mean to have something achieved by a certain date, such as a specific job or marriage, but just a goal to work toward. Something like a contingency plan if my plans A or B do not work out.

5. Complete either a marathon or a century or both
In the spirit of my first resolution, I would like to, in the coming year, either run a marathon or bike a century. Neither are particularly realistic at this point in my life and I figure it will give me a huge goal, aside from the other 4 on this list, to work towards completing. If the contestants on the Biggest Loser can run a marathon after only 4 months of training, I hope that I can at least complete one by the end of 2011.

Well, there are 5 of my biggest goals for 2011. I hope that 2011 is a better year than 2010. 2010 was certainly one of the most difficult years of my life. I plan on keeping you all informed about the progress of each of these goals and hope you will enjoy hearing them. Until then, happy new year!

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