once was lost, but now is found.

As I returned home last night, my little sister had a surprise waiting for me. I generally do not welcome surprises, because here lately many have not been good ones. So, I was not terribly excited when she said she had a surprise for me. I had a feeling as I waited, however, that this surprise must be good, because my sister was was grinning ear to ear.

I waited for her to retrieve the surprise and when she returned, she was carrying a carry-on piece of luggage. I was a bit confused. I had just recently used this particular bag on a trip to a friend’s wedding in October, but I had not idea why it was the noted surprise. My sister sat the bag down in front of me and said, “See Jakey.” All I saw was the piece of luggage, which I had put away when I returned home following the wedding. I said, “Umm, what’s so special about this?” Which must have been the response she was hoping for, because she immediately began to giggle. She then, as the sole possessor of the surprise, flipped open the carry-on to reveal the true surprise.

What laid under the flap was nothing special to most, but to me it was like Christmas morning all over again. You see, ever since returning from that trip to my friend’s wedding in October, I was under the impression that I had either misplaced several articles of clothing, a pair of drum sticks (I am a drummer–sometimes!), my dad’s lint brush (holds all sorts of sentimental value to me aside from the practical value), and several other things. I particularly missed my rain jacket. For someone without a lot of money, purchasing the rain jacket in 2007 represented an extravagance beyond measure for me. I know it’s just a jacket, but it’s useful and didn’t come cheaply. I have missed the jacket and everything else that I thought was left or lost from that trip for nearly 3 months now.

Well, you probably know what was under the flap now. Yes, everything (EVERYTHING!) I thought I had lost!

I had, for whatever reason, neglected to actually remove my stuff from the bag when I returned home. I had never thought to check the bag again, thinking it would have been a bit insane to do so. Even though I have owned the jacket for nearly 4 years now, I never really appreciated it’s value until I was without it. The same goes for my dad’s brush, my drum sticks, and the other items in the bag. I’m not going to get all philosophical here, but it was interesting how finding something I owned was such a joyful experience for me and not knowing what I had until it was gone. Anyway, I’m just really excited to be reunited with some of my possessions. Finally, a good surprise!

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3 Responses to “once was lost, but now is found.”

  1. Nathan Says:

    YAY! Your sister rocks Jakey! I had actually gone into your room and hid all your items by putting them back in your knapsack, with your sisters help. 🙂

  2. jzholloway Says:

    you need a twitter

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