what running in the rain can tell us about…

Night rain in Moscow I went running last night—in the rain. Or, rather I should say, walking and occasionally running. I find it super difficult to actually adhere to any routine exercise regimen when the weather is perfect, let alone when it is drizzling and 35 degrees outside. I only lasted 30 minutes, but that’s what I planned to do anyway, so it was a success.

There’s something comforting in exercising in the darkness. Add rain to the mix and it’s extra comforting. How is it comforting? Glad you asked. It’s comforting because the darkness conceals, or provides a level of concealment unattained in the day time, the physical reasons why I’m exercising. Toss in some rain and people are less likely to see the monstrosity that is me outside running. I would like to say that I’m exercising to better my health, especially my heart. That would be noble, but a lie nonetheless.

I’m vain and my vanity has led me to go outside when it’s nearly freezing and brave (or succumb?) the rain in order to try and lose (how exactly is it lost?) some weight. I should be out there, working up a sweat, in order to improve my health. I have my share of problems right now, all of which could be remedied by being in better physical shape. Instead I’m out there trying to improve my appearance, which is sad really. I mean, it’s great that I’m exercising, which is almost never a bad thing. Yet, my intentions are all backwards. I won’t get out there and sweat and endure the painful shinsplints because my doctor told me to. No. I’m out there in near-Arctic conditions sweating, panting, and suffering all because I want to look better. Vanity of vanities; all is vanity.

Back to the title. What can running in the rain tell us about…new year’s resolutions? Probably not much, except that if you’re actually out there running in the rain (and cold), you’re faring well in your effort to stick to your resolution. I’m having about 60% success right now with this specific goal. I’ve run more this month than all of the previous 6 months combined. I haven’t stuck to my schedule as I had hoped. Regardless of this, last night in the cold and rain, I was out keeping my resolution. I can’t say that this will be the case tomorrow, next week, or next month. But, for one cold night in January, I ran in the rain. And, two hours later, it felt pretty good.

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