state of the resolutions.

Last night brought the highly anticipated, at least by me, State of the Union Address. I’m a political junkie, with a degree in politics, and I always get excited for the speech—regardless of the current president’s political affiliation. While I would like to provide insightful perspective on last night’s speech, I really do not have much to add to the already spectacular commentary that is making its way around the Internet. What I can report on, however, is the state of my previously mentioned new year’s resolutions.

1. Weight Loss of 1-2 pounds a week.
Well, I hit a rough patch just after the new year, with the arrival of 2-3 inches of snow and ice. I couldn’t leave the house for two days, work was closed for three days, and the roads were unsafe for four days. Instead of eating less and working out, I resorted to gorging myself and barely getting off the sofa. With that said, I have nearly returned to my pre-snowcopolypse weight, which translates, interestingly enough, to a weight loss of 1-2 pounds a week. Unfortunately it was all weight I gained after the new year. Oh well.

I began this week with my study plan. I’m just three days into it, but I’m more confident this time around. Smooth sailing so far.

3. Save $500
Stagnant, really. I’m expecting to use most of this year’s tax refund toward funding my savings (yes, I have already filed my 2010 taxes…), so this should take care of itself in a matter of weeks.

4. Get accepted into graduate school/have a better plan on what to do for the foreseeable rest of my life
This pretty much relates to #2 on my list. Although, the more I think about this, the more apt I am to really dream, which can’t be a bad thing I don’t think. This dreaming might make a better future post, so I will refrain from expounding on this for the present. As with #2, so far, so good.

5. Complete either a marathon or a century or both
I’ve already run a marathon and completed a half-century on my bike…just kidding! Although I have stuck to my walk/run schedule, save for the aforementioned snow days. I’m only completing two miles at a time right now, but I’m planning on increasing either my distance or my running time soon. I’ve also ridden nearly 50 miles this month on the bike. I wanted to have ridden more, but alas I’m a wimp and it’s been much too cold for me.

The state of my resolutions is strong…at least for now.

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