the vegan eating plan.

As I said before, Dr. Esselstyn’s program does not allow nuts and oils of any kind (exception is if you currently do not have heart disease, he allows for a modest amount of walnuts). I will strive to adhere to his program in the fullest, but am allowing myself some oil from time to time. I am also going to continue to eat raw almonds (I love them too much!). Seeing as how this still is technically a vegan diet, I don’t have any qualms about it. If things go well throughout February, I might consider further limiting oils and nuts, but for now they will stay.

In terms of overcoming any dietary deficiencies that may arise, I am going to take a multivitamin that has vitamin B12. I plan on taking fish oil (per Ornish’s recommendation, but against Esselstyn’s). I am confident that if I am able to incorporate as many vegetables, grains, and fruits as I plan on, that there will be no real dietary issues.

I am planning on watching the Super Bowl and snacking just like I do every year. This year, however, I will not eat the customary pizza, nachos, and hot wings. I plan on still having a few beers. I also plan on eating chips and salsa. I hope to find oil-free tortilla chips, but if I cannot I will settle on Tostitos Baked chips. For the main course, I am planning on either making my own black bean burritos, or buying a couple of Amy’s burritos.

Eating out proves rather difficult, especially fast-food. This isn’t such a bad thing, though. I could use a fewer trips to McObesities. I haven’t really eaten out that much this year as it is. If I have to be out-of-town, I will probably just pack a lunch.

As for the every day meals, I will stick to soups (lentil, split pea, vegetable), beans and rice (black beans, kidney beans, brown rice, black rice), quinoa, teff (if I can find it), as well as incorporate as many vegetables as possible (broccoli, carrots, bell peppers, onions, celery, potatoes, turnips, salsa, etc.). One doesn’t lack variety eating vegan. I also headed up to Whole Foods today and purchased some of the more difficult to find items. Tomorrow, it’s off to the races!


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6 Responses to “the vegan eating plan.”

  1. jakethy Says:

    As a recently converted vegetarian who’s fiancee is vegan, I liked your real-world approach to the lifestyle/diet/what-have-you. I decided to feature some of the great dishes that she serves up whenever I blog – even tho’ eating out is hard, as you say, the fact she’s so adventurous and good at cooking makes staying in easier.

  2. Nathan Says:

    Chug water throughout the day, especially before and after a meal. You feel full that way. 🙂

  3. tinako Says:

    It’s good that you have a plan. I’m amazed at the number of people who say, “I want to be vegan! What is it?”

    • jbh301 Says:

      A failure to plan is a plan to fail? Something like that. I’ve heard more negative feedback than people wanting to get on board. Most just don’t think they can do without their ______ (insert animal product here). It’s been interesting and I haven’t even begun! I will definitely check out your blog to get ideas on some dishes! I need all the help I can get 🙂

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