radiohead: ‘the king of limbs’

Unless you’re a Radiohead fan living under a rock, you’re aware that the group’s latest album, The King of Limbs, dropped last Friday – a day earlier than announced. I do not consider myself a proper reviewer of music, and as such, I will refrain from attempting an official review of The King of Limbs. I will, however, offer a few of my thoughts, as well as links to more proper reviews.

My Take

My initial reaction to listening to this album was that it reminded me of Amnesiac in many respects. Many reviews I have read are disappointed in The King of Limbs and its seemingly lack of novelty. I cannot disagree that the album does not seem to be mold-breaking or anything, but I cannot say I am disappointed. There are more adequate analogies than what I am about to offer, but this sentiment of being disappointed because it sounds somewhat familiar is, in my mind, akin to being disappointed in cheddar cheese because it has a familiar texture and is similar to swiss cheese.

I understand what many wanted with this record – something completely unexpected and new like OK Computer and Kid A – but being disappointed in this album because it fails to live up to your preconceived, and I feel misplaced, notions does a disservice to the music and talent of Radiohead. I am not as impressed with The King of Limbs as I was with some of their other works (most notably OK Computer, Kid A, and Amnesiac), but I do love listening to the album. I have also found, not unlike my experience with listening to most albums, that the more I listen to the album the more I am getting out of it. repeatedly listening is like watering the garden and this album is certainly beginning to bloom.

My favorite tracks, so far, are:

  • “Bloom”
  • “Lotus Flower”
  • ”Codex”
  • “Give Up The Ghost”

The video for “Lotus Flower”:

I don’t have any links for the other songs, but if you’re really curious and you have your best interest at heart, you’ll just go ahead and buy the album.

The Take of Others

Here are a few varied reviews of the album. I really appreciate the review and the author’s description of how the album opens. Enjoy!


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