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state of the resolutions.

January 26, 2011

Last night brought the highly anticipated, at least by me, State of the Union Address. I’m a political junkie, with a degree in politics, and I always get excited for the speech—regardless of the current president’s political affiliation. While I would like to provide insightful perspective on last night’s speech, I really do not have much to add to the already spectacular commentary that is making its way around the Internet. What I can report on, however, is the state of my previously mentioned new year’s resolutions.

1. Weight Loss of 1-2 pounds a week.
Well, I hit a rough patch just after the new year, with the arrival of 2-3 inches of snow and ice. I couldn’t leave the house for two days, work was closed for three days, and the roads were unsafe for four days. Instead of eating less and working out, I resorted to gorging myself and barely getting off the sofa. With that said, I have nearly returned to my pre-snowcopolypse weight, which translates, interestingly enough, to a weight loss of 1-2 pounds a week. Unfortunately it was all weight I gained after the new year. Oh well.

I began this week with my study plan. I’m just three days into it, but I’m more confident this time around. Smooth sailing so far.

3. Save $500
Stagnant, really. I’m expecting to use most of this year’s tax refund toward funding my savings (yes, I have already filed my 2010 taxes…), so this should take care of itself in a matter of weeks.

4. Get accepted into graduate school/have a better plan on what to do for the foreseeable rest of my life
This pretty much relates to #2 on my list. Although, the more I think about this, the more apt I am to really dream, which can’t be a bad thing I don’t think. This dreaming might make a better future post, so I will refrain from expounding on this for the present. As with #2, so far, so good.

5. Complete either a marathon or a century or both
I’ve already run a marathon and completed a half-century on my bike…just kidding! Although I have stuck to my walk/run schedule, save for the aforementioned snow days. I’m only completing two miles at a time right now, but I’m planning on increasing either my distance or my running time soon. I’ve also ridden nearly 50 miles this month on the bike. I wanted to have ridden more, but alas I’m a wimp and it’s been much too cold for me.

The state of my resolutions is strong…at least for now.


and the resolutions are rolling.

January 3, 2011


It’s 49 degrees outside right now and I’ve just returned from an 18 mile, and what I consider to be a frigid, bike ride. I have very little cold-weather cycling gear, and no wind gear, so I’m still technically frozen. This is the price I pay for eating the fatty burgers and imbibing the beers. Oh well. Maybe this will make me think twice before I consume another fat-laden load of fries. Let’s hope. With my first ride of the year now out-of-the-way, and me being left to thaw out, I’m not sure how much more of the cold-infused rides I can take. Regardless of how much more I ride this month, I can at least say I’ve gone 18 miles!

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