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fleet foxes at the tabernacle

May 16, 2011

Last night was my first concert of the year. And, I must say, what a show it was! The Fleet Foxes brought what might have one of the best shows I have been to, ever. I’m not just saying that because they played every song of theirs that I love, but because they played them with such enthusiasm, zeal, and humility. I cannot attest to the genuineness of their appreciation for the fans, but they often seemed to be overwhelmed by the appreciation shown by the audience.  It was as if the band was saying, “Yes we get paid to do this, but we’re still honored and humbled that you came out and supported our dreams.”

From the moment the band came on stage and until their final departure, the Fleet Foxes provided a grand evening of wonderful and energetic music. I would highly recommend the Fleet Foxes to anyone looking to have a good time and shake a leg.

Here is the setlist from the night:

  1. The Cascades
  2. Grown Ocean
  3. Drops In The River
  4. Battery Kinzie
  5. Bedouin Dress
  6. Sim Sala Bim
  7. Mykonos
  8. Your Protector
  9. Tiger Mountain Peasant Song
  10. White Winter Hymnal
  11. Ragged Wood
  12. Lorelai
  13. Montezuma
  14. He Doesn’t Know Why
  15. The Shrine / An Argument
  16. Blue Spotted Tail
  17. Blue Ridge Mountains

  18. Oliver James
  19. Atlanta Braves Tomahawk Chant (J. Tilman)
  20. Helplessness Blues

ash wednesday

March 8, 2011
Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, which signifies the beginning of Lent. In honor of the day, here is one of my favorite songs, which happens to include the name of the day in the title: Elvis Perkins’ “Ash Wednesday” – note, you will have watch/listen to it on youtube.

As is my custom, I am forgoing several activities for the Lenten season. I am also adding some as well. This year I am refraining from:

  • Reading my Google Reader
  • Reading blogs/Updating my blogs (with the exception of my family blog)
  • Facebook (I tend to do this every year)
  • Meat on Fridays

I am also going to do the following:

  • Read several books on Christianity
  • Run daily
  • Go on what I call the “half diet.” Meaning that I will only consume half the amount that I normally would, without really eliminating or limiting what foods I eat (other than the aforementioned no meat on Fridays).

There are other things that I am considering eliminating or adding, but I will have to fill you in on these once Lent has ended. Until then, have a wonderful Lent!

radiohead: ‘the king of limbs’

February 21, 2011

Unless you’re a Radiohead fan living under a rock, you’re aware that the group’s latest album, The King of Limbs, dropped last Friday – a day earlier than announced. I do not consider myself a proper reviewer of music, and as such, I will refrain from attempting an official review of The King of Limbs. I will, however, offer a few of my thoughts, as well as links to more proper reviews.

My Take

My initial reaction to listening to this album was that it reminded me of Amnesiac in many respects. Many reviews I have read are disappointed in The King of Limbs and its seemingly lack of novelty. I cannot disagree that the album does not seem to be mold-breaking or anything, but I cannot say I am disappointed. There are more adequate analogies than what I am about to offer, but this sentiment of being disappointed because it sounds somewhat familiar is, in my mind, akin to being disappointed in cheddar cheese because it has a familiar texture and is similar to swiss cheese.

I understand what many wanted with this record – something completely unexpected and new like OK Computer and Kid A – but being disappointed in this album because it fails to live up to your preconceived, and I feel misplaced, notions does a disservice to the music and talent of Radiohead. I am not as impressed with The King of Limbs as I was with some of their other works (most notably OK Computer, Kid A, and Amnesiac), but I do love listening to the album. I have also found, not unlike my experience with listening to most albums, that the more I listen to the album the more I am getting out of it. repeatedly listening is like watering the garden and this album is certainly beginning to bloom.

My favorite tracks, so far, are:

  • “Bloom”
  • “Lotus Flower”
  • ”Codex”
  • “Give Up The Ghost”

The video for “Lotus Flower”:

I don’t have any links for the other songs, but if you’re really curious and you have your best interest at heart, you’ll just go ahead and buy the album.

The Take of Others

Here are a few varied reviews of the album. I really appreciate the review and the author’s description of how the album opens. Enjoy!

“make me wanna” by girl talk

February 16, 2011

absolutely brilliant.

laura gibson: my latest musical discovery

February 11, 2011

Laura Gibson (2)

Further adding to my already enormous affection for the Portland, Oregon music scene is singer and musician Laura Gibson. I’m not sure how I found out about her, but I think it may have been Pandora’s hit-or-miss system that played Gibson based off of my fondness for The Decemberists. Anyways, Gibson’s latest album, Beasts of Season, released in 2009, is simply a joy to listen to.

My favorite song of hers is “Edelweiss“, released in 2010. This is one of my favorite songs and her version is so beautiful. Her voice is soft and delicate and nothing less than gorgeous. Favorites off of Beasts of Season include:

I recommend giving Ms. Gibson a listen, if you haven’t already. You won’t be disappointed.

pa rum pum pum pum.

January 5, 2011

As a drummer, I tend to get a lot out of songs that others might not. Yes, you may like a song because of the drums, but I might like a song because the drum playing seems challenging or is to an unusual beat and so forth. For example, I’m not a huge fan of fusion jazz. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very interesting genre, but in general not one of which I am particularly drawn to. Yet, one of my favorite drummers/artists is Dave Weckl, who happens to be primarily associated with fusion jazz. The reasons why I like Weckl are vast: he’s incredibly talented, fast, and eccentric.

I could go on and on about drumming, different drummers, and reasons why I think drummers are some of the most talented musicians out there. I will refrain, however. Instead, I want to share with you some of my favorite drum-themed songs or songs I like because of the drumming performance. Here they are in no particular order. I hope you enjoy!

new year, new(ish) music

January 1, 2011

My latest 5-star rated songs:

My latest 4-star rated songs:

  • Finger by Ty Segall, off the album “Melted”
  • I Get Nervous by Lower Dens, off the album “Twin-Hand Movement”
  • A Lion’s Heart by The Tallest Man On Earth, off the album “The Wild Hunt”
  • Ready to Start by Arcade Fire, off the album “Suburbs”
  • Oh, Sister by Bob Dylan, off the album “Desire”

    music and snow.

    December 14, 2010

    It snowed here in Georgia this week. It seems snow has become a yearly tradition now. I don’t mind the snow in December for some reason. Probably because it hardly ever snows here in December. At a time, I loved snow and would pray for it every time there was the slightest possibility that it might snow, no matter what time of the year.

    This all changed this year. It has snowed many times from January-March, and now it’s snowed in December. This marks four months that this state has seen snow. As the great Southern chef Art Smith said, when describing his fried chicken, “Something ain’t special if you get it all the time.” I realize that just having it snow several times  a year would still qualify as special, but to me it isn’t. Once every 3-4 years is special. Snow has lost its luster for me. Well, at least this year. It could redeem itself, though. If only it were to snow here on Christmas Eve, then all would be right in the world.

    Speaking of all being right in the world, I’ve been caught up lately reading and listening to NPR’s All Song’s Considered. It’s quite the delight. I recommend checking out their show, which can be downloaded as a Podcast; as well as taking a look at their blog.

    As for me, I’m currently listening to:

    • James Brown: Funky Christmas
      Christmas + Funk + JAMES BROWN! = pretty spectacular! I mean, how can you go wrong with the Godfather of Soul! Be sure to check out “Merry Christmas, I love you”, “Soulful Christmas”, and “Please Come Home For Christmas”.
    • Kanye West: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
      I’m just getting into this, but I’m liking it so far!
    • Sufjan Stevens: The Age of Adz
      Much different from his  previous albums, but good. The more I listen to it, the more I like it. I saw Stevens in concert last month (The Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA), and it was impressive. He played most of this album and a few of his earlier hits. This album will make you want to dance. “Too Much”, “Vesuvius”, “I Walked”, and “Get Real Get Right” are all wonderful.
    • Peter Wolf Crier: Inter-Be
      What can be said about this? I love it. It’s just duo Peter Pisano and Brian Moen: A guitarist and a drummer. In terms of duos, this one nails it. I saw Peter Wolf Crier in June (The Mercury Lounge, New York, NY), and I was immediately hooked. “Crutch and Crane”, “Hard as Nails”, “Down Down Down”, and “Untitled 101” are my favorites.

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