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ash wednesday

March 8, 2011
Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, which signifies the beginning of Lent. In honor of the day, here is one of my favorite songs, which happens to include the name of the day in the title: Elvis Perkins’ “Ash Wednesday” – note, you will have watch/listen to it on youtube.

As is my custom, I am forgoing several activities for the Lenten season. I am also adding some as well. This year I am refraining from:

  • Reading my Google Reader
  • Reading blogs/Updating my blogs (with the exception of my family blog)
  • Facebook (I tend to do this every year)
  • Meat on Fridays

I am also going to do the following:

  • Read several books on Christianity
  • Run daily
  • Go on what I call the “half diet.” Meaning that I will only consume half the amount that I normally would, without really eliminating or limiting what foods I eat (other than the aforementioned no meat on Fridays).

There are other things that I am considering eliminating or adding, but I will have to fill you in on these once Lent has ended. Until then, have a wonderful Lent!


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