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January 13, 2011

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit the High Museum of Art in Atlanta for the final day of their exhibit, “Dalí: The Late Work.” Salvador Dalí is one of my favorite artists, and his Christ of Saint John of the Cross ranks right up there in my top 10 favorite art works. While, I knew the exhibit had been in town for a while, and I had made numerous attempts at planning a visit, I had not been able to get to the museum. And, even though I knew the exhibit was about Dalí, I did not know which pieces exactly would be included.

So, I made my way to Atlanta just in time to see the exhibit before it left town. As I made my way around the museum, I came across what is perhaps Dalí’s most recognizable piece, Persistence of Memory. While I did not know what to expect in the exhibit, I was a bit surprised to find this particular piece there. A friend of mine said that the piece was not there for his two previous visits. My surprise would increase as I continued to work my way through the exhibit. Most notably, around a turn, I found Christ of Saint John of the Cross hanging on a wall, staring down on me.

To fully explain my surprise, I should confess that I am not really an art connoisseur. For instance, I had no idea that Persistence of Memory was so small (9.5 in × 13 in). I also had no idea that Christ of Saint John of the Cross was so large (80.7 in × 45.67 in). Any true art lover would have known this. But, alas, I had no idea and so, not only was I not expecting these two pieces to be there, I was definitely not expecting the one to be so small and the other to be so large!

All I can say is that it is both stunning and humbling to stand in front of such a notable and large piece of art as Christ of Saint John of the Cross. I could not stop staring, which I guess is part of the point. I felt like I was viewing something that I really had no business viewing. Not that the work was above me (it most certainly was and is, however), but that the immensity of talent and scale of size really hit at something inside of me. This is not to say Persistence of Memory did not affect me similarly. No, both pieces, as well as the numerous other works that were there, are awe-inspiring. But there was something about Christ of Saint John of the Cross, which I am having a difficult time expressing at present, that really impacted me. Is this what art is all about? I cannot say. As I have tried to establish, I am no art connoisseur. What I can say is that Dalí’s works were even more amazing in person that I could have ever imagined. I hope to gaze upon them again soon.


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